Life by You

The Power Of Creation, The Power Of Courage

Life is beautiful if we have a plan for it.

   by Anna Nogaj  2016

Life is beautiful if we have a plan for it. When we are aware of ourselves, of our feelings and have control over the feelings that cause our behavior. Everyone is endowed with a powerful creative force that can be used to do marvelous things if one only dares to make that first, decisive step, often into the unknown. It is not easy to use the creative potential we are endowed with, but we should always look for the way to awaken our real "I".

Of course, we will be limited by all sorts of fears: we lack self-confidence, carry over a variety of emotional problems from childhood, and acquire new ones in adult life. Other people will also try to stand in the way of the awaking of our “I” – sometimes out of jealousy, sometimes out of vindictiveness. Fear is a pervasive problem we all face: it paralyzes us and destroys the sobriety of thought. Those who learn how to tame it will realize that most of the fears that trouble them exist only in their imagination. If we really want to live creative lives, we need to discover our inner beauty and strength that lies dormant in us.

This may require heavy, long-term work, but you have to move forward even through the muck and mire of life. As you move forward, you may experience adversity or trials, even setbacks and heartaches, but like all great accomplishments, the process of awaking must begin with a single step. It is particularly difficult to step on the path of truth, if we are experiencing suffering, perhaps loneliness, a toxic relationship, failure in school or at work. As if often happens, when life pushes us down, we want a change in our lives. Despite the pain, step on a new path and go, boldly forward, without looking back. Direct positively your suffering energy for building a new, colorful and free of dullness reality.

The first step on the road to self is spiritual cleansing. You have to let go of the negative labels and emotions. You have to let go of your past and instead look forward with hope. The second step is to find purpose and meaning in our lives. It will give us the strength by which we will emerge into the light. Explore what you want to do and why. Once you have a clear vision of your abilities and dreams, dress up all your desires in faith and peace, that is, two pillars of relentless determination. Then start working, without haste, but with joy and a positive attitude, despite the obstacles that you meet on the road. After setting the compass of your mind to steer you in the new direction and taking the first step forward, you will go down a path that naturally leads to exactly what you want. You will see that you control your life and that the universe favors you in achieving the intended objective. Positive people will appear as of nowhere together with the first effects of risk taken. There is no reward without risk; there is no progress without change; there is emptiness without activity. Many people are fearful of losing what they have so instead of taking risks they settle for what they already have. But blasting through that barrier will let you go after your dreams generating enormous profit by dissolving your fear and awakening your faith.

to be continued...


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