The Color Blue

The color blue is the color of truth and the higher order of intelligence.
author   by DAZZLES IN GREEN   2019

Blue is the color of contemplation. It is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, but it is peace with a purpose, it seeks.

People who are blue personalities are deep thinkers and will not leap without much forethought. On the surface they look calm and quiet, but “still waters run deep” as the saying goes. Blue personalities have a poised quality and will not easily draw attention to themselves.

Although blue personalities value and practice honesty, the negative side of blue personality is a master of manipulation so skilled that one does not even know one has been manipulated. Blue personalities do not like upsets or arguments – yet they often cause them. They are highly cautious, conservative people. At the same time, they are highly inventive. Poetry, philosophy and writing are all blue professions.

The color blue brings rest: it cools and calms; it slows down, and even retards growth. Based on the claim that blue light could make people less impulsive and calmer, in 2009 blue lights were installed at the end of platforms on Tokyo’s Yamanote railway line to reduce the incidence of suicide. These blue lights reduced suicides by impressive 74%.

While color blue promotes both physical and mental relaxation, expose to too much blue over long period may bring depression.

Blue Combinations

Sky blue personalities have an unusual capacity for selfless love. They remain calm in a crisis and can overcome all obstacles. Like the sky, they are changeable, but there is an underlying constancy that always brings them back to their own perfect reality.


Tint is a pure color mixed with white.

blue tints shades

Pale blue personalities are inspired. They have constant faith and the purity of innocence. They are the souls reaching for spiritual maturity. They are constantly struggling upward toward a purpose; there are those in who the spark of ambition is catching alight. The great spiritual healers reside here. However, they can also do a lot of work with little to show for it. And there is sometimes a tendency to miss opportunities.


Dark blue personalities exhibit a single-mindedness that can be used to good or not-so-good ends. The black in this shade indicates a restriction and a hardness that inclines them to justice without mercy. They are often dissatisfied with their lot, and they can have a rather gloomy disposition. Where blue has intuitive gifts, in dark blue it can become the charlatan. Dark blues are not noted for their honesty. They are masters of manipulation. They are so good that you may not even know you have been manipulated. They don’t like upsets, yet they often cause them.

Emotional Healing with Blue

Peaceful blue brings rest; it cools and calms. It is useful for looking back onto one’s past: it takes a person back to rituals that mark their family identity. Blue combats the fear of going forward. Stiff necks, often representing this fear, can benefit from the application of blue.

Blue can help those who need to learn the power of the spoken word – not so much to help others but to help themselves; to understand that what you don’t ask for you rarely get.

Physical Healing with Blue

Thyroid and parathyroid glands are related to blue. Blue is also connected to the throat area, the upper lungs and arms, and the base of the skull. Infections in the throat are often psychologically related to not speaking out and blue can help with such instance.

Flood the sickroom with blue light because it cools and calms, and it is particularly useful for the terminally ill and in reducing fevers and inflammations. Blue relaxes you, and helps you to ally your fears.

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Dazzles in Green is an educator, journalist, environmentalist, vegetarian and avid cyclist. She holds a master's degree in anthropology.


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