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The Meaning of Color Gold

Gold is the color of "I am".
   by Plain Jane  2018


The spiritual meaning of the color gold is different from the cultural meaning of this color. In the West, mineral gold was used as money.

For that reason, mineral gold was associated with power and wealth. The more of the physical gold one had, the more powerful one was. That’s why, in the West, gold has long been associated with royalty or powerful people. Because only people with great political or military power could accumulate a lot of physical gold, physical gold and its color has become the color of wealth, success and status, achievement and triumph. In the minds of the people, the color gold was associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, that is, all the qualities that the rich and the powerful supposedly had. This cultural association of color gold with prestige, power and triumph continues today. For example, first place medals are always in gold; thus color gold is the color of the winner.

The spiritual meaning of the color gold is different.

Gold personalities know who they are. They are not on a spiritual quest, because they have already found it so they often exhibit great spiritual qualities. They say, “I am”. They have access to deep inner knowledge, to their own soul experience from all that’s past. By proclaiming, “I am”, they know themselves. They are not followers of any ideological dogma as they understand that the highest authority is one’s own experience of truth. They do not accept anything on faith alone. They examine everything to see whether it is logical, practical and beneficial.

The color gold represents the wise old sage, who understands that wisdom is given to be handed on to others, no to be hoarded for oneself.

They are gracious and believe in honor among men. They absorb facts quickly, and are superb advisers, always knowing what is needed.

Gold is also a color of leadership. Gold personalities have that depth of self-knowledge that puts them in front. Gold people are certainly nobody’s fool. As compassionate leaders, Golds share their wisdom and knowledge with others. Gold is the color of experience and maturity. Gold spends long time underground, and when it is dug up, it represents solidified sunlight. People with gold personality are mature. They never come across as young, even if they are physically young.


Tint is a pure color mixed with white.

Tint of gold is the pale gold halo of sainthood. The only way for you to acquire the pale halo of sainthood is through the genuine experience of self-denial. Self-denial does not mean poverty or starvation trough fasting. Rather, it is the awareness of our attachments to the material world. For example, the attachment to religious forms and ceremonies, as it is the attachment to the external forms of religion not the essence of religion. By being attached to the external forms of religion we miss the sprit and the essence of religion.


Shades are pure colors mixed with black.

The darker shades of gold are negative so you should avoid them. The dark shades of gold represent conceit. People who are drawn to dark shaded of gold are even more conceited that those who are drawn to dark yellow.

Dark gold personalities are egotistical, self-righteous and opportunistic in their quest for greater power and influence. They never hesitate to blow their own trumpet, and their belief in their own inherent superior worthiness is unparalleled. They believe that privilege is their right. They lack kindness and generosity. Deep down they are fearful, do not trust easily, exhibit a fear of failure, and paradoxically even have a fear of success and wealth.

Emotional Healing with Yellow

Gold is very uplifting for both physical and psychological depression, is it dissipates suicide tendencies. Vitality and abundance flow from gold’s attribute of endless supply. Whatever appears to have been lost or taken away will return.

Physical Healing with the Color Yellow

As an offshoot of yellow, the color gold is not connected to any parts of the body, but it can be seen in some auras.

Gold is good for soothing the nerves as it bestows an overall feeling of well-being. Gold means “I am” and in that sense it helps one to come to terms with what is. Gold is good for depression during the menopause, which is based on a reluctance to let go of the menstrual pattern, and feeling of being worthless as a female. Likewise, it also has a useful role during male menopause.


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