The Color Green

is the color of stability, endurance and growth.
color green
author   by PLAIN JANE  2018

On the visible color spectrum, green is positioned between yellow and blue.

In that sense, green is a bridge between warm colors and cool colors. One has first to learn the lesson of red and yellow before one can cross the bridge to blue and violets. Being in the centre of the spectrum, green is the color of balance. In nature, color green is made by chlorophyll, the chemical by which plants photosynthesize and convert sunlight into chemical energy.

The word for color green has different roots in English and Slavic languages. Polish zieleń, Czech and Slovak zelená, Croatian zelena, Ukrainian зелений (zielenij) and Rusian зеленый (zielenij) come from Proto-Indo-European ǵʰelh3, which mean to flourish and also green or yellow. The English word green comes from the Middle English and Old English word gren, which, like the German word grün, has the same root as the words grass and grow.

During post-classical and early modern Europe, merchants, bankers and the gentry would wear green while red was reserved for the nobility. We know that Mona Lisa portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci was not an aristocrat as she is wearing green in the portrait. Green also has a long historical tradition as the color of Ireland and of Gaelic culture. Green is also the historic color of Islam. Muhammad’s banner was green and that color is found in the flags of nearly all Islamic countries.

It is interesting bankers and merchants of the past known for their exploitive practices would use the color green in their clothing. Was it to fool the people and send certain vibrations? Green is the traditional color of safety. Thus, the scheming banker would send a message through his clothing - your money is safe with me.

Green has a dominant wavelength of roughly 495–570 nm and frequency of 526–606 THz. It has been proven that Green is restful to the eye and it can reduce fatigue.

Color green has many meanings, depending on the culture. Recently, in the West, green has been associated with strong social consciousness, mostly pushed forward by political movements. But in the past green has been also associated with demons, human-eating dragons, toxins, poison and envy. Green oxidation of copper is highly poisonous. A green tinge in the skin is considered unhealthy and is sometimes associated with nausea and sickness.

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil

In the 15th century "Saint Wolfgang and the Devil" painting by Michael Pacher, the Devil is green. Poets such as Chaucer also drew connections between the color green and the devil.

In the Arnolfini portrait by Jan van Eyck (1434), the rich green fabric of the dress showed the wealth and status of the family.

In Ancient Egypt, green symbolized regeneration and rebirth, thus the ruler of the underworld, Osiris, was typically portrayed with a green face.

People who are drawn to green color are idealistic, socially aware, helpful and selfless. Very often doctors and nurses are green personalities. One can depend on green personalities. But although they are diplomatic and they can see both sides of the issue, they tend to be moralistic. Green personalities would rather be admired than loved and tend to put themselves on a moral pedestal.

Green color allows for clarity and understanding. It will help you go find your own niche. It will allow for self-acceptance.

Green personalities that engage in business are often prosperous. They are not ascetic, they like the “good life” and they collect possessions. Although they tend to accumulate possessions, positive greens share their material wealth. They love to work and be outdoors.


Green Color Combinations

Emerald green is an inspiring and uplifting color that embodies the highest qualities of charity, tolerance and adaptability. Many healers are emerald green. Emerald green personalities have an abundance and wealth in all its forms, from material wellbeing, to emotional wellbeing to creative ideas. There is a grandfatherly or grandmotherly air about them that is comforting and instills a sense of security.

Lime Green
Lime green color contains bright yellow, which creates a sharpness in the personality. Lime personalities add a kick to everything they encounter. They prefer a regular work schedule and word where they can advance. Lim green as a color helps to clear the mind of negativity.

Olive Green
Edgar Cayce referred to green colors with mustard tint as negative colors. If something looks as it is rotten then it is rotten. Olive green is one of such colors. It sends negative vibes and it should be avoided as it may bring depression or even disease. People who are attracted to this color are often deceitful and treacherous, blaming others for their problems.

Yellow green
Edgar Cayce referred to greens with mustard tint as negative colors. Yellow green should be avoided. This color brings cowardice, conflict and fear.

Green–blue is a positive color. People who are green-blue can be trusted with your deepest secrets. They have the ability to keep quiet about another’s affairs – of the heart or otherwise. They are capable of the true giving of self form the heart. There is a worldly wisdom about them, and space for psychic knowledge. Blue-green color is helpful for manic depressives.


Tint is a pure color mixed with white.

Tints of green represent fresh starts, forever young and expectant. People who have pale green personality are always at the beginning of something new – possible even a new and exciting phase of their life. Pale greens are inspired; the idealists who are kind and gentle. The love to take part in fresh projects and adventures, and they are forever looking forward to new romances. Although pale green personalities can show considerable sympathy and compassion for others, at the same time they can also express indecisiveness and immaturity because of their inexperience. Pale greens do not mature. Peter Pan was a pale green character. Adults who do not like pale green colors probably did not have happy childhood - their sweet child’s innocence was dashed before its time.


Shades are pure colors mixed with black.

Like with all shades, a shade of green is negative and as the green darkens, people exhibit increasing tendency to resentment, extreme possessiveness, and blindness to the needs, whishes and emotions of others.

Dark green person wants everything to revolve around her. Self-deception, envy and animosity are the norm. Someone under the influence of dark green color can be unreliable, and lack imagination.

Those people who relate to dark green color have often been misdirected children, whose aspirations were once smothered. The result is emotional resistance, subsequently manifesting itself in a physical equivalent: rheumatism. It can also show that the person is full of remorse and despair or can resort to greed and avarice.

Emotional Healing with Green

Green is a very important healing color. Its power to stabilize helps to reestablish balance, and restores and brings ease to the system. When you are going through stormy period in a relationship, apply green color; it will calm and cool the emotions. When you need directions in life and are trying to make up your mind, use green, it will bring everything back into focus.

Physical Healing with Green

Color green is connected to the thymus gland, heat, shoulders and chest, and to the lower lungs. If you suffer from shock or fatigue, use green color. Green color also helps if you are suffering from nausea, headaches and it is beneficial in cases of claustrophobia. Green is also great nerve tonic.

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