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The Color Orange

the color orange radiates warmth and happiness.

author   by PLAIN JANE  2017;

The Color Orange

People who have orange energy in them are practical, tolerant, warm-hearted and optimistic. Orange is the color of self-reliance and practical knowledge. Orange is the color of warmth and happiness. Orange is the combination of red and yellow, and, as such, it combines the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.

People who have orange energy in them are extremely persistent. But where red personalities try to push others to achieve certain goals, orange personalities bide their time.

Orange personality is the proverbial life and the soul of the party.

The color orange is optimistic and uplifting. It rejuvenates our spirit. If you are experiencing disappointments and despair you should use orange color in your environment. It does not mean you have to wear it, but you should have something orange around you to look at it: orange pen, orange wallet, orange phone or orange curtains. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

You should use orange if you are facing difficult economic times. It will keep you motivated and it will help you to look on the bright side of life.

Interestingly, a lot of people feel aversion to orange. If that’s you then it may mean you are under influence of dark forces that want to keep you down and confused. Anyone who dabbles in black magic is disturbed by this color.

Like red, orange stimulates appetite, so if you are overweight do not cook in orange pots or serve on orange plates, etc.

Do not use orange or red colors in your kitchen or a dining room. They look attractive, but they will make you overeat.

Very often, orange people are skilled cooks or good at sports.

If you want a divorce, orange will help you to get the strength. Orange is the color of divorce.

Orange Combinations

The Coral Color

Coral people are gentle souls and, unfortunately, always seem to be at the mercy of others. They love to socialize, but they never seem to be in the right place at the right time. They are great listeners and will help anyone in trouble.

The Amber Color

Amber people are a great company, but they do not reveal themselves to others. You may see only one side of who they are. Amber people are single-minded and have tremendous powers of focus. Amber people are also open-minded and receptive.


Never wear the amber gemstone with silver, which in Poland is, unfortunately, a tradition. Poland has no gold, but it has some silver; this is probably the cause of this tradition. Amber should be set in gold, bronze or brass.


Tints are pure colors mixes with white.

The Peach Color

Peach is the tint of orange. Peach personalities have a talent of persuasion. They possess the best qualities of orange corol, but in a much softer, gentler and more cautious form. According to the Feng Shui master, Lilian Too, color peach attracts love. She recommends single women to wear peach to attract good husbands.


Shade are the pure colors mixed with black.

Shades of orange are negative. The unkind, practical joker is the perfect example of the negative orange. A good example is Ellen DeGeneres' practical jokes that go too far. Although we do not see Ellen wearing dark orange, her personality has a lot of dark orange in it.

Shades of orange personalities emit negative vibration indicating pride and aggressive self-assertion. A dark orange person is over-confident and over-ambitious. She is the opportunist, taking selfish advantage of every situation.

Emotional Healing with Orange Color

Orange is the best color to deal with grief, bereavement and loss. It will help in cases of mental breakdown, divorce and accidents. Those who have a fear of moving forward in life because they cannot let go of the past and dwell on the past, often dislike orange, yet orange is just the color they need to face blocks and move on. So, if you are unhappy in your marriage, but you are afraid of the divorce, use orange. It will provide the strength you need to face a difficult situation.

Amber helps one trust one’s own judgment, and peach creates a safe environment for confronting difficult or painful memories.

Physical Healing with Orange Color

Orange is connected to the abdomen and the kidneys, the lower back and lower intestines, and governs the adrenal glands. If the orange area of the body is out of sync, then the person will be unable to absorb any of the benefits of their life, whether physical or emotional.

Orange can aid with asthma and bronchitis, epilepsy and mental disorders, rheumatism and torn ligaments and broken bones. It can be applied directly to limbs and muscles in physiotherapy. It is great for healing catarrh. Combine orange with yellow to treat the distress of menopause. Orange also balances the hormones for both sexes and can aid with infertility problems.

Effects of Orange

The color orange is a very powerful color. We tend to think that the color red is powerful, but look how red disappears next to orange.

Above you see red on different backgrounds. On a black background, red glows with hellish fire. In Slavic folklore, black and red are colors of hell and devil. Cultures that use black-red combinations are quite cruel cultures as seen from the Slavic perspective. They have different moral standards, are free of compassion, and, in a sense, are inhumane. You should not wear black and red together as this color combination will send you in the wrong spiritual direction.

On a white background, red is not as strong, calmed by white, but on an orange background, red loses its vitality and looks dull.

Black and red: The Obamas, straight from hell.

Dark red and black: Michele Obama, straight from hell.

What Is My Color?

When trying to find out what color you are do not use zodiac signs. Modern popular horoscopes ascribe orange to sign of Cancer. If you are a Cancer it does not mean orange is your color. The color orange is now associated with Cancer, but in the past, in Babylonian astrology, orange was the color of Jupiter. The ruling planet of Cancer is Moon. Under the Babylonian system, Moon was associated with blue.

Popular horoscopes are too general and you may bring on yourself more harm than good by following general advice. For example, purple is associated with my zodiac sign, but I was born under Mars so my color is red, not purple, and I am a red personality of planet Mars. To find out what is the ruling planet(s) you were born under, you have to go and see a good astrologer who will make you a personal chart.

Of course, we can use colors that are not ours, to bring out qualities we don’t have or we need at a certain time. However, the good rule of a thumb is not to use color to counter the color of your ruling planet.


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