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Plain Jane went to see Sustainable Fashion: An Exhibition + Panel

and it wasn't sustainable.

   by Plain Jane  2017

Review of Sustainable Fashion: An Exhibition + Panel

Sustainable Fashion: An Exhibition + Panel event was held in Detroit at the end of July, 2017, in Detroit Art & Business Institute. It was organized by William & Bonnie, a cut and sew workroom located in Hamtramck.

From their brochure: William & Bonnie is hosting a one-night event featuring up to five local designers that utilize sustainable and ethical design practices in their fashion collections.

Four designers showed their collections. These were Nabeela Najjar, Leslie Ann Pilling, Abigail Rist, and Stein Van Baael. Designs were interesting for the show and fun of it but not wearable. And that’s what fashion shows are –- they are art happenings.

Designs of Nabeela Najjar

...more from the show in a few days......


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