"False advertising or deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements in advertising, and misrepresentation of the product at hand, which may negatively affect many stakeholders, especially consumers."

author   by DAZZLES IN GREEN   2018

Cover Girl Deceptive Advertisement

false advertisement

strong>This ad from 2012 is featuring heavily made up actress Sofia Vergara. The ad is for long-lasting mascara that gives “big volume”, but the model wears false lashes. Cover Girl is advertising product that cannot deliver what it promises - one needs false eyelashes to get that look.

Maybelline False Advertisement

false advertising

2018 Maybelline ad for “totaltemptation” mascara infused with coconut extract. I guess this coconut extract is not working too well as they had to put false lashes on a model. A few years ago, Maybelline was taken to court for false advertising so now they put a disclaimer “Simulation of actual product. Results on lashes enhanced with lash inserts.” Shouldn’t they just rename this ad as “totaltemptation” lash inserts?

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