How to determine your face shape

Steps to finding your face shape.
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Celebrity face shape examples

face shapes

We are told that the shape of our faces affects which hairstyles, glasses, or makeup effects look best on us.

We disagree. Here’s why.

Every person has one of nine face shapes: oval, round, square, rectangular, long (or oblong), heart, inverted triangle, diamond, or pear (trapeze). We are told that knowing which shape our faces are can help us choose hairstyles, glasses, or makeup effects that are the most flattering on us. We don’t agree.

But before we make our case learn how to find out your face shape.

How to determine your face shape

If may be confusing to figure out your face shape as most faces are combination of shapes. Here’s how to determine your face shape.

You need only to know 4 dimensions:

  1. Width of your forehead
  2. Width at your cheekbones.
  3. Width at your jaw.
  4. Length of your face.

You don’t need to actually measure your face. You can take dimensions from your photograph.

Oval face shape

  • Look at the length of your face. Oval faces are usually 1 ½ times longer than they are wide.
  • Forehead is narrower than the cheekbones.
  • The width of the forehead and jaw are about the same.
  • A jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.

On the photograph. Ms. Irena Santor has an oval face with a pointed chin.

Round Face Shape

round face

A round face tends to be as wide as it is long. This, of course, may vary a little; we are not talking precise measurement to a millimeter.

You have a classic round face if:

  • You have fullness at and below your cheekbones.
  • Your jaw is slightly rounded as opposed to angular.
  • You have soft features in general. The difference between a round face and a square face (which also measures the same across as long) lies in the angles.
  • Your neck seems short.

In the photograph, Paulina from Moda i Takie Tam has a round face.

Square Face Shape

kwadratowa twarz

If your face is equally wide as it is long, you have either a round or square face. The difference between the two is in shape of your face. If your features are sharp and angular, including a sharp jawline you have a square face. If your features are soft and rounded, you have a round face shape. So if your jaw lines are angular and have a similar width as the forehead you have a square face. The cross ratio is 1:1 or 112.

On the photograph, the model has a square face with a pointed chin.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape

inverted triangle face shape
Polish model Iwetta Baran, Fashion stylist Adrianna Miszczyńska

You have an inverted triangle face shape if the widest part is at the forehead. Usually you will have high cheek-bones, tapering to a narrow chin. A chin can be pointed or rounded; it is slightly longer than wide.

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