Foster your capacity for wonder

Expand your conscience.
life by you

author   by PLAIN JANE  2018

Stand and stare at the sea, for instance. It is one of the great refuges of the mysterious on this earth.

Foster wonder – of the world, of yourself, of humanity, of the unseen.

Are you closed to the creative opportunities that present themselves to you? We live in a culture that forces us to work toward a single goal rather than on the fluid and the improvisatory. The achievement must be purposeful and monolithic. If you are interested in many things, they call you a Jack of all trades, master of none.

Our culture and Christian religion promote the idea that life is a quest, a journey through a timeless landscape toward an end that is specific, even though it is not fully known. We are told to travel that road and not to pay attention to attractive way station and side roads, because they are temptations and obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach the goal that is visible on the horizon.

The end of the life journey is apparent in the beginning. We force young people to make commitments and life decisions early in life. Our educational system is built to form our lives. While the society promotes sexual freedom, our career choices should be permanent and monogamous.

However, the living landscape through which we move is constantly changing. Nobody knows the names and character of the jobs and careers that will be open to us in the future, yet we are forced to build our vision of future life around contemporary jobs. As it is difficult to replicate the career of a parent, so it will be more difficult to keep on doing the same work through a lifetime.

People who do not understand that life is fluid and want to keep rigidly to the chosen path will find themselves without path or purpose. The story of such people is comparable to that of the divorced homemaker who believed that marriage defined her work, her security and her life. All too often, people are like battered wives or abused children. They want to hold on to the continuity they have, however profoundly it is flawed.

The change is too frightening, the risks seem too great. If we could overcome this mindset, far more could be lived. So reassess the nature of your commitments and think about a new and more fluid way to imagine the future.


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