Life by You

Have a Date With Yourself

Rest and relax.

   by Plain Jane  2017

This summer, do what Buddha and Isaac Newton did – sit under the tree and relax.

Both of these luminaries became enlightened because they put themselves in the state of contemplation.

As to Newton, our culture puts too much emphasis on the apple instead of the fact that Newton was alone in the garden in the position to be RECEPTIVE, when the apple fell. We must regularly to withdraw from the round of routine and renew ourselves. Yet, most of us are busy with our Smartphones, checking irrelevant and mind polluting misinformation instead of putting aside the time for the renewal, the time for the examination of the self that we can meet only in contemplation.

So turn off the TV, your phone and the Internet with all its fake friends and make a date with yourself. Media personalities are not your friends. You should not waste your time on them. They do not care about you. They only want your money. Remember that the self is your best friend, (not the fake friends on Facebook or Instagram), and you should treat your self as such.

Independent thinking is what makes us who we are. Yet, most of the people exchange process of thinking for idle hours spent in front of their gadgets.


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