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Ladies, We’re Just Fine the Way We Are

Women’s bodies are in the news constantly.
author   by KIMBERLY RIPLEY  2018

Women’s bodies are in the news constantly, and since the dawn of social media many of us have kept tabs on one well as on female celebrities...the way we should pay attention to our health, families and careers.

Whose hips got big overnight? Should she have worn that bikini in the Bahamas? Did you see those rolls of fat underneath her jeans? Our ideals are unattainable and our obsession is downright unhealthy.

Tabloids splash pics of Kris Jenner and other older female celebrities, catching them off guard when they’re not posing for the paparazzi, sans makeup and attempting to enjoy a bit of seclusion. Who cares if she doesn’t look camera ready?

By now everyone knows that the media plays a vital role in these negative thoughts, but did you ever stop to think about the advertising companies and their roles in how we view our...well, our rolls? Every mode of advertising shouts at us to change our bodies. “Look 10 years younger.” “Take off those love handles.” “Lift those sagging eyelids.”

And no longer must women go under the knife in order to achieve these standards, now we can even visit a doctor (or someone claiming to be a doctor) and freeze our fat away. Someone will run a device over your “target areas” and freeze fat cells, which will then be eliminated through urination. Hmmmm...

Ladies, it gets even better than that. Now you can perform this procedure by yourself in the comfort of your very own home. You can freeze your fat while “reading a book, watching your favorite TV show or sleeping overnight.” I’d rather eat a bag of chips. How about you?

Yes, for only $299, you can have the body of your dreams. And what is that, really? It seems we’re so into the illusion—and allusion—of body perfection that we’ve lost sight of what beauty really is.

And then there’s this. It’s a $1.58 product aimed at “fighting wrinkles around your eyes and help shape the overall look of your face.” She should make sure no one sees her face while she is taking part in this ridiculous exercise. Who buys these things? Come on, ladies. This is wrong on so many levels.

Hopefully no one runs out and orders either of these devices. First of all, they’ll likely be on clearance shelves in department stores within a year a fraction of the cost. So if you really must buy either of them, at least wait. More importantly, isn’t it time to embrace the wrinkles, the sags and bags and the extra pounds? Life isn’t about all that. It’s about good health, wonderful relationships with family members and friends, and making a positive mark on the lives of others.

I’ve earned my wrinkles. I’ve earned my gray hair, my rolls and my sags and bags. I refuse to buy into what the advertising companies insist I “need” to do to look “better.” You’ve no doubt earned your badges of honor, too.

The more we laugh at products like these, the better we’ll feel. But the real healing comes from acceptance, patience, tolerance and setting our sights on way more important things.

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