There’s a Whole New Low in Advertising, Thanks to Gain Flings!

author   by KIMBERLY RIPLEY  2018

Gain Flings! (Gain’s version of Tide Pods) has brought TV advertising to a whole new low.

In a world where we watch fuzzy bears talk about the softness of their toilet paper and children compare the cleanliness of their bums with mermaids, it didn’t seem like things could get a lot worse. Alas, they have. And this low is pretty much as low as they can go.

Gain Flings! don’t just clean your clothes, they leave them smelling fresh and lovely, too, thanks to the inclusion of Febreze. That point is highlighted via the dad in this ad. His boys pull a prank on him and dangle what they believe is his dirty jock strap in his face while he naps on the couch. Dad loves how it smells, however, thanks to the Gain Flings! so he smiles in his sleep and appears to enjoy the scent in a rather disturbing manner.

The Martinez brothers, as the boys are called in the ad, didn’t know their dad had already washed his jock strap. They feel the sting of defeat as they smell it for themselves and decide their prank wasn’t such an effective one after all.

What on earth was this company thinking when they made this ad? How disgusting! Will we soon be watching actors smelling their dirty underwear, too?

Maybe it’s time to go back to the laundry detergent ads of old. Do you remember when we thought this was annoying?

Annoying? Sure. Disgusting? No. It’s perfectly civilized, in fact. Surely we enjoy more television freedom these days, but where does the line get drawn?

As you’re explaining the workings of a jock strap to your 10-year-old daughter, (and do men really still wear those things?) you might decide it’s time to draw it. We’re once again, as viewers, being insulted to the hilt. The advertising industry clearly thinks we’re a bunch of blubbering idiots. Yes, they treated us that way in the 1970s, but in a far less crude manner.

Does this ad make you want to run out and buy Gain Flings! or shake your head at the disgusting manner of advertising at play?

Since when does being crude sell products?

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