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The Worst Dressed of 2017
Najgorzej Ubrane roku 2017

Fashion is superficial.
   by Plain Jane  2017


Stripes provoke seizure and migraine attacks.

Don’t wear high-contrast stripes.

Julia Kuczyńska is a popular Polish fashion blogger. She is pretty and has a great figure. Too bad she follows Vogue and other Western deconstructive fashion magazines that promote ugliness. Fashion in those magazines is hideously ugly.

One of the reasons why fashion magazines promote ugliness is the shock value. Elegant clothing looks great in real life, on a real person, but on the pages of a fashion magazine may look boring. Those magazines need sensation to sell. Unfortunately, young women don’t understand marketing gimmicks and instead of looking at the presented display critically, they follow it blindly.

One of those photogenic but ugly displays is high–contrast stripes.

Those stripes look great in pictures because they create high contrasts so they attract the eye. In real life, high-contrast stripes are very unattractive. Anyone, who has been around high-contrast stripes reports eye fatigue and migraine. Now, the researchers are catching up to what people have already known. Scientists hypothesize that high-contrast stripes increase the intensity of a certain type of brain wave, called gamma oscillations that may trigger seizures and migraine attacks.

Don’t wear high-contrast stripes.

French Chic or French Disaster?

Brigitte Macron in a wig

Brigitte Macron is hailed by the media as a goddess of French fashion. They love her because she breaks away from the frumpy French dressing as presented by the lady in pink who is wearing an outdated and unflattering dress of a French matron, which is typical in France.

Brigitte still looks ridiculous in this above the knee dress for teenagers. The drop-waist, flounced-hem dress has a youthful slant, but it is not flattering on her body. Bridgette looks as she is on a starvation diet. She has this huge head on a stick body. Her head is bigger than her hips. She is probably wearing a wig to look younger while the cake-on makeup ages her.

Her skin is awful -- she looks like she a heavy smoker and coffee drinker -- the French smoke like fiends.

Brigitte Macron is desperately trying to look 30 years younger. She is desperately trying to look sexy -- in white skinny jeans and a skinny red jumper leaving the snap buttons on the shoulder undone to show her wrinkly, old flesh. Those huge wedges with her toes hanging over are larger that her head with the wig on.

The verdict: Brigitte Macron is overrated.

Alexa Chung dressed for a guillotine execution

Lack of style

Alexa Chung, a British model

Alexa Chung, a British model, is the leader of the lack-of-style pack. The press calls this dress “stunning”, but this dress looks cheap and unfinished. Why Alexa is called “fashion darling” we don’t know, but we do know that, like most of the models, Alexa has no good taste in fashion.

With off-shoulder sleeves and the whole dress practically falling off her, she looks like a Middle-Ages sinner being prepared for beheading. We won’t comment on the need to undress in public, as it seems to be a deeper psychological problem running in this society.

The dress added an unskilled 7th grade home project twist when Alexa turned around to reveal industrial zipper and a piece of hardware from Home Depot.

Perhaps she wore it for the joke.

The print media calls Alexa “fashion darling” and her ill fashion choices “dreamy look, chic appearance, stylish” and so on. However, the discrepancy between Alexa Chung’s “dreamy” style and the unappealing reality is little short of astonishing.

Simply Hideous

Fashion magazines promote ugliness

Vogue Japan editor Anna Dello Russo.
Now you know why fashion in fashion magazines is so hideous. The first step to becoming a fashion editor in Vogue is to have no sense of style. You do not need to sport a fantastic style that is both respected and unique. And you do not have to have impeccable style to be a fashion editor at Vogue. Quite the opposite -- the uglier your style the better your chances to shine at Vogue.
Now you know why fashion in fashion magazines is so hideous.

Plaids Are For The Slim

Fashion magazines that promote plaid look are wrong

Plaids are for the slim. Fashion magazines that promote plaid look for a fuller figure are wrong.
If you are over 155lb / 70kg don’t wear large plaids or horizontal stripes. Plaids and horizontal stripes don’t flatter a fuller figure. They make you even bigger than you already are. The plaid-on-stripes look on a full figure is a disaster. So, if you have weight issue, plaid can make you look heavier. A mixed-print look looks good only on the slim.




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