dazzels in green
Shot on location in Detroit, Michigan.
dazzles in green
Shot on location in Detroit, Michigan.

About Life by You

Life by You means to be aligned with yourself, your Higher Self. It means unconditional love that is generated through that alignment. However, unconditional love doesn’t mean that we have to do what others want from us, that we have to please other people. Pleasing others does not serve anyone: it doesn’t serve the higher good and it doesn’t serve the other people either.

Many people go through life without finding any satisfaction in the fact of being alive. Yet, this lifetime is the only time we will have – we had better make most of it. Not that many of us do, of course. We act as if this time were just a practice run for the next.

Our lifetime is not entirely our own, and yet it is all we have, and it is absurd to spend that time in constant reaction and accommodation to someone else’s plan – whether that plan is imagined as the boss’s, a spouse’s or a friend’s.

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