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Feniks's Heart

The Feniks’s Flag

Blue for the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, green for frogs and the biosphere, red for the lithosphere (volcanoes), and yellow for the sun.
feniks flag

Flags can be purchased here. (Coming soon!)

Feniks has a flag

The Feniks’s Flag is a symbol for the natural beauty of the Living Earth. It also means a commitment to a green life. Designed by Feniks on Decemebr 26, 2020, the blue of the flag represents the blue sky above and the waters below. The green represents all the living organisms, including frogs. The red represents the Earths’ crust forged in the fire 4.5 billion years ago. The yellow represents the warmth of the sun.


Copyright symbol and brand

The Feniks’s Flag is protected by copyright. This Flag and its Sun symbol cannot be copied without permission from a copyright owner. You can buy this flag here(comig soon).