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The Color Brown

The color of solidarity, reliability, moderation, sobriety and confidence

   by Plain Jane  2017


The color browns is the color of solidarity, reliability, moderation, sobriety and confidence

Brown represents the color of the earth. It signifies stability, structure and support so the Brown personalities are the very models of reliability and solidarity. Brown personalities are the salt of the earth: they are down-to-earth, capable and as safe as houses.

Brown personalities are not your typical life of the party. They are not carefree and spontaneous, and they hate surprises. They may even come across as boring as they have a keen sense of duty and responsibility and take their obligations seriously. They may not come across as exciting because they have a great deal of plain, common sense; thus, with their sober personalities, they may kill any frivolous nonsense that is going around.

Being safe it what matters to Brown personalities. They don’t like taking chances. They must be sure before acting. They are slow but steady – “slowly by surely” is their modus operandi. However, there is still a touch of the fire red in the color brown, which can surprise occasionally.

Brown personalities are deep thinkers and studious. They know that there is more to life than one can see.

If you are in business, have Brown managers. When you are away, they will hold the company together without plotting to take over your position.

Brown can be frugal. It may even give the impression of cheapness and stinginess in certain circumstances. Brown doesn’t like excess and values everything in moderation. It is associated with wholesome, natural and organic produce and anything related to the great outdoors, agriculture and farming.

But Brown can also be elegant, rich and sophisticated. Brown personality may have an aura of old aristocracy even if the person is poor.

If your favorite color is brown, then you are either Brown personality or you are looking for stability in life. Brown personalities are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

The color brown is made of number of colors mixed together to create the brown. It can be a combination of black, yellow, orange, red, gray, green, blue, pink and purple, and each of the colors in it will add a variation to the meaning.

Coppery Bronze

Coppery bronze contains several colors in it, so it represents multiple positive aspects. People who are attracted to the coppery bronze side of brown are quiet but effective in whatever activity they undertake.

Flow and balance are the two words particularly associated with bronze personalities. Bronze activates the understanding that allows personal change to take place without drama.

Tan – the color of intuition

Those who relate to the color tan show a quite assurance and deep intuition. They have an intuitive trust in the natural order of things on earth. They check every inch of the way, making sure that the ground is firm before they make their move.


Tint is a pure color mixed with white.

The Color Beige

Beige is a soft tint of brown. Beige personalities have softness about them, and are single-minded, with a stable affection that is utterly reliable.

Creamy beige personalities help others to come to terms with reality, giving an assurance that it will all turn out right in the end. They like to establish a firm foundation, yet are open to taking risks in order to protect their brood and their own patch.

Beige personalities like to be rewarded fairly for their work, but may find it difficult to get what’s due to them


Shades are pure colors mixed with black.

Like with all other colors, dark brown has negative features of black. Dark brown people can be very self-centered and biased. They are selfish and don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. They also tend to be stubborn. They rather won’t do anything unless it is “right”. They also have a tendency to avoid “tomorrow”. For example, dark brown personalities are slow adopters of new technology.

The color brown has very strong soothing capabilities. Brown is the color of earth, of Mother Nature. In nature, we are surrounded by five colors: brown of soil and trees, green of grass, plants and foliage; blue of the sky; and yellow, orange and pinks of the sun. There are also white clouds, but white is not a color.

These five are the colors we feel comfortable with, and these are the very colors that are missing in cities. Our cities are dark. Even the sky is dark in our cities. Modern cities isolate us from Mother Nature.

The best and most therapeutic way to connect with the color brown is to garden. There is no better therapy than turning the earth over, planting and watching plants grow.

If you live in a city, have some plants in your room and walk in a park as much as you can.

Physical Healing with the Color Brown

Like white, grey and black, brown is not specifically connected to any parts or organs in the body.


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