Introduction to color psychology

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We take color for granted, yet color is an intimate part of our lives.

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Learn how to use color to its fullest potential.

We take color for granted, yet color is an intimate part of our lives. We are surrounded by color from the moment we are born. Actually, we are born into a specific color that stays with us for life. Color is everywhere. It is an aspect of everything we eat, drink or touch. We even use names of colors to describe our mood or physical health.

Even if we take color for granted we are not indifferent to it. Color affects our environment whether it is our home, place of work, a school or a hospital. What kind of color we wear reflects our personality and influences our mood. Thus, we have to be careful with following color trends when we chose our wardrobe. Black may be promoted as fashionable, but is it good for us especially that color has a practical bearing on all our personal relationships?

Where Do Colors Come From?

From light come all the colors. We know that without light there is no life. If you put a plant in a dark room, it will wither and die. We, humans, need light too. Light is essential for growth and life, including human life. Since all the colors come from light, and each color has different impact upon our systems, we are continually reacting to the wide range of stimuli we call light.

Healing Colors

We can use colors to heal ourselves, to bring harmony and balance within our psyche and the body. Colors emit invisible vibrations. These vibrations can either relax or stimulate us, thus we have to choose colors carefully.

Learn About Yourself

Colors can change your life, so learn what color can do for you. When you learn why you choose certain colors, you will discover a lot about yourself. Our next article will be on the history of healing with color.

Discover more about your inner self by gazing into the pure colors of flowers.


Dazzles in Green is an educator, journalist, environmentalist, vegetarian and avid cyclist. She holds a master's degree in anthropology and a Juris Doctor in intellectual property.