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The Color Red is The Spirit of Physical Life

Red is the color of energy, passion and action.

author   by PLAIN JANE  2017;

The Color Red

The color red is associated with energy, action, fire, excitement and passion. Red is a fierce force. It eliminates the unwanted and negativity.

Red encourages shy people to come out of themselves. A person with red personality is full of the spirit of physical life. That person has the will to live and to fight.

Red personalities are motivated to take action as they are filled with adrenaline, determination, fire and drive. Red people have tireless energy and embody courage, liberation and tenacity.

Red people are motivated to take action, but they tend to act without thinking.

At its best, the red people are reformers and fighters -- they make fine leaders. They are the builders of great things from very little. Explorers and pioneers are the ones that need the high energy to face difficulties and overcome obstacles. Military and entrepreneurial leaders need red.

At its worst, the red people are tyrants or brutal murderers, always seeking advancement no matter who or what suffers.

Although the color red is used in romance a lot, as in Valentine’s Day, it is the color of sexuality not the color of romance. Red exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy and it relates to sexuality and lust, rather than love. Love is expressed with pink.

When forming relationships, red personalities will give a satisfying and passionate sex life. Women are attracted to men with red personalities. Their zest for life, fighter attitude, and willingness to overcome obstacles makes them desirable, resulting in an exciting, long-term relationship. On the negative side, a man with red personality will look for a younger woman, when the wife gets older. Men with red persoanalities tend to marry for lust rather than love.

Is Donald Trump Red Personality?

Is Donald Trump red personality? We know that women are highly attracted to him and consider him sexy. We know that he is sexual and that he is interested more in sex than a romance.

He is a fighter and a leader. He bounced back from bankruptcy, and at the age of 70, still, possesses a tireless energy that many young people lack.

Red in Other Colors


Scarlet is color red tinged with yellow-orange. Scarlet is a dominating color that can be stronger than red. It is a very positive color. Scarlet people have a very appealing, go-getting character, but do not cross or oppose them forcefully. The people with that personality are down to earth, have great energy and drive, which are beneficial traits to have if you need to get a job done or start a campaign. Scarlet people have pride in their work. Like reds, they are characterized by a love of life and enthusiasm.


What Color Is Crimson? Crimson is the pure red with a touch of blue. Crimson has magnetic healing powers that give comfort in moderation and it has the power to strengthen the individual. Crimson people are emotionally much softer than pure red in their approach to life and their relationships, because of the blue aspect.

It is interesting that men are attracted to pure red or scarlet while women favor reds with blue such as crimson or raspberry. Be careful with wearing pure red to attract men. You may attract men who are interested in sex only. He will leave you when a more attractive woman appears.

In nature, crimson is most often a ruby red color that occurs in birds, flowers and insects.

Crimson originally was a dye produced from a scale insect, the Kermes vermilio (above).

In Poland, crimson dye was obtained from the domestically harvested Polish cochineal, which was widely traded in Europe. Polish cochineal was one of the main Polish exports during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In Poland, the cochineal trade was monopolized by Jewish merchants who made a fortune on this trade, while the Polish peasants, from whom they were buying this prestigious dye, were living in poverty. Why the Polish people were not allowed to trade is a good question for the Vatican, who brought Jews to Poland to “civilize” her.

Crimson is also the color of the national flag of the Republic of Poland.

In Europe, as in Poland, crimson was associated with the rich and the privileged. In Poland, crimson (karmazyn in Polish) was reserved for the nobility and became synonymous with a magnate. To lose the privilege to wear crimson was considered a loss of status and a form of a punishment.

But there are also negative aspects of crimson: just as purple makes us want to break free from the demands that reality imposes on us, under crimson influence we become deaf to her challenges. Crimson could be also too reassuring. If we suffer from chronic depression or are introverted, we should avoid the crimson color.

Tints: Pink

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding.

Tints are pale colors, created when white is added to other colors.

The pink tint is a higher vibration of red, because of the white infusion. Pink is known to represent compassion, nurturing and love. It is a good color to use in a crisis. Pink is a good color to wear or surround yourself with to relieve depression and loneliness. On the other hand, pink is also associated with a little girl or immaturity.

If you wear pink, don’t wear it head to toe. Be careful not to fall into the trap of a Disney princess, exclusively wearing pink. Constant wearing of pink often leads the person to become immature, silly and girlish, abandoning her adult responsibilities. Apart from being immature, adult women who wear a lot of pinks, may lack self-reliance and be overly emotional. Be careful when choosing a friend or a wife who wears a lot of pinks. She may have the need to receive nurturing, support and unconditional love, like a little girl.

To summarize, pink represents spiritual beauty and upliftment, universal love, compassion and the fulfillment of the potential. Pink signifies the true love that we all search for.


Shades are basic hues mixed with black.

The dark red shade is the downside of red. It carries some of the darker or more sinister symbolism of red, such as over-indulgence, anger, aggression, brutal ambition, sin, Satan, a sense of the macabre, cruelty and sexual excess.

Red mixed with black.

Inertia through hopelessness is a dark red trait. Dark red, at its worst, is tyrannical and murderous, seeking advancement no matter what, and oblivious to the suffering it may cause in its headlong and headstrong rush. On the extreme side, perversity and bestiality can creep in.

Emotional Healing with Red

Red gives you a dynamic push that drives you on to achieve greater things, stimulating you and giving you the willpower to continue. It renews your enthusiasm to carry on.

Physical Healing with Red

Red is associated primarily with the genitals and reproductive organs. The red glands in women's bodies are the gonads and the ovaries.

Red is the color of the sexual organs

Red in the body focuses primarily on the genitals and reproductive organs. Infertility is a sign of not enough red.

If there is some problem with red in our body, it will show up as deposits clogging up the circulation or irregularities in the blood supply, blood clots, furring up of the arteries, heart attacks, strokes, anemia, and so on.

Do not use red lighting (chromotherapy) above the waist for heart conditions. Medical advice should be taken for any heart problems.

Red eases stiff muscles and joints, especially in the legs and feet. It is useful in cases of paralysis, especially when combined with physiotherapy (physical therapy). When you catch a cold, wear red. Red acts as a tonic for anyone who catches colds or chills easily, and is good for a sluggish circulation.


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