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White: the psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion

author   by PLAIN JANE  2017

White is not a color

Like brilliance, white carries all of the colors of the light spectrum. White is denser than brilliance, a step down from the ultimate purity of brilliance. The fundamental quality of white is that all colors are equal in white. Thus, white is not a color. White is visible when light contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum.

People who have white personalities have faith derived from reason, and a tranquility that conjures hope. They embody fairness and unity and strive toward a purity of spirit. White has an all-forgiving nature, even though it pursues the unearthing and exposing of all that is untrue. The white personality sheds light in dark corners.

White personalities strive to save: you can be sure that all will be well when they are around. They are the ones who will always show up in the nick of time. Although white personalities are efficient, they tend to be cold.

The greatest enemy of white is its own shade, leading to feeling of desolation.


White does not have tint. White is used to create tints of other colors.


Shades are made by mixing black with other pure colors. Mixing black and white gives neutral grey, which is the shade of white.

What Does Off-White Mean?

When white is mixed with slight tinges of other colors is described as “off-white”.

Off- white is something that may look like white but isn't.

White blouse, off-white skirt.

Off-white is often used in fashion, but it is not a positive color. It suggests that a person feels she has fallen from grace. That she has suffered at the hands of inequality. Isolation follows as there is a feeling of emptiness, even a bareness of spirit.

Emotional Healing with White

People who have trouble opening up should use white. White begins the process of cracking the ice, cutting through density and removing the blinkers.

White encourages peace and purity. When you need to restore your equilibrium stay in a white room. However, do not prolong your stay as white develops a sense of desolation.

You can wear white as a general tonic, to top up the colors in your body’s system.

White encourages growth and new ideas.

Physical Healing with White

Eyeballs are connected to white and the shades of our eyeballs have been used in medical diagnosis.

Because white contains equal amounts of all the colors, it is a great tonic.

White is antiseptic and it is useful in clearing bacteria in stagnant areas.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump has been seen wearing white on many occasions. It seems she is drawn to it.

A person with white personality is neat and immaculate in her appearance. This certainly can be said about Melania Trump. Although many see her style as too edgy and her dresses too tight, she comes across as someone who is put together. She is certainly not overdressed. A white personality person tends to have a great sense of self-control and it is hard to imagine Melania doing something “crazy” on the spur of the moment. She is definitively not prone to impulsive behavior.


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