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Pavement Ironwork

This page is dedicated to the amazing ironwork of Detroit.
author   by PLAIN JANE  2017


Today, I present you what I found embeded in the pavement of the Detroit River walkway. I don’t know the age or the origin of these pieces. I think they are quite modern -80's?


More from the Detroit River walkay

More ironwork from the pavement of the Detroit River walkway. These pieces probably date back to when the walkway was built.

Original Thomas Edison Company’s Ironwork

You can still find those gems produced by the legendary Edison’s company in Detroit. The date says 1921 and 1912. The times of prosperity. Detroit had electricity, telephone and sewage system, fabulous inventions at that time not available to majority of people living outside of Detroit. I found these pieces around Wayne State University. Yes, they still exist. Quality lasts for centuries.

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