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The pitfalls of using google translate

Don’t be cheap. Hire a proper translator.

author   by PLAIN JANE  2017


Don’t be cheap. Hire a proper translator.

Google translate is a great tool to use when you’re reading a foreign online fashion magazine or a gossip magazine and want to grasp the essence of a text. Google translate is free and it’s fast. No need to spend hours poring over a dictionary.

However, some companies try to save a few dollars by using google translate to translate their marketing material instead of using a proper human translator. Below, you’ll see an example of a Turkish company using google translate for their marketing material, and it’s embarrassing. 

Hacizade Ibrahim Halil Efendi, was originally born in the city of Adiyaman in Turkey and migrated to Istanbul in the 18th century, (comma)

In Istanbul ago apprenticeship and then reached a degree of proficiency in the production of confectionery, (comma)

Lived in the neighborhood for candy and personality is widely acclaimed reputation has reached the palace to the public.

Hacizade natural products of the brand and its customers priority is always to provide the best tasting. Even today, Turkish Delight, Pashmak, Nougat and Jelly preserves this naturalness.

Our mission is to future generations with traditional flavors and naturalness first state to offer.


This translation is terrible, erroneous and confusing. In parts, it’s unreadable so it’s useless. It’s also quite ridiculous to the point of being embarrassing.  

What should we think about a company that is so cheap it won’t hire a professional translator to translate 102 words? This company’s name is ÖZGÜRLER ŞEKERLEME SAN.VE TIC. LTD.ŞTI.  

And their candies? I tried them. They are like their English.

Their website is not any better. They used google translate. Read this from their website:

Hacızade Turkish Delight has began manufacture in 1970 in Istanbul, Previously Our products were selling in historical and tourist places of Istanbul, We have began to export since 2000, at the moment selling in some Countries. Our products are manufacturing in clean and hygienic environment factory, We are using completely natural and vegetable products in production, Our first principle is healthy and quality of production. BRC Standards are applied in our factory since 2008. Our target that to present best quality and best hygien to our customers.


Their writing is probably also bad in Turkish. Look at their use of punctuation marks. They use a comma (,) instead of a period (.) at the end of some sentences. It’s obvious, they didn’t bother to proofread this material in their own language.

Don’t be cheap. Hire a professional copywriter and a translator.

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