Drinking alcohol in hot weather: do or don’t?

Alcohol and Hot Weather

author   by PLAIN JANE  2017


On a hot day, many people, mostly men, love cold beer. But is beer (alcohol) enough to stay hydrated?

First of all, you should never drink alcohol, beer included, on an empty stomach. Fruit juice can be drunk on the empty stomach because it provides vitamins and minerals.

Beer, like all alcohols, is a diuretic. It leads to dehydration and it interferes with your body's ability to regulate its own temperature. And when it’s scorching outside, we dehydrate faster because we sweat more. When that happens we have to replenish lost fluid, salt and minerals. In addition, alcohol dilates our blood vessels making us more susceptible to passing out.

Heat illness during high temperatures is a serious matter. Loss of salt leads to heat cramps. Then comes heat exhaustion caused by dehydration. And finally, heatstroke can lead to shock, organ failure and death.

The Best Alcoholic Drink in Hot Weather

The best alcoholic drink in hot weather is NONE.

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